Pilotage Services

Pilotage Aims

To promote safety of navigation within the CHA area of jurisdiction by providing a pilotage service capable of supplying, on demand, the services of a trained and authorised pilot whose local knowledge and skill enable them to conduct the navigation and manoeuvring of a vessel safety within the limits of the Humber Pilotage District.

Pilotage Legislation:-

Pilot safety:-

 Pilot Boarding Arrangement Requirement (valid from 1st June 2021)

The Embarkation and Disembarkation of Pilots - Code of Safe Practice

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The Merchant Shipping (Reporting Requirements for Ships Carrying Dangerous or Polluting Goods ) Regulations:-

Merchant Shipping Act 1995:-

Pilotage Objectives:-

  • To recruit suitably qualified and experienced candidates, and then train, examine and authorise them as pilots.

  • To maintain a sufficient number of authorised pilots to be able to supply on demand a pilot for any part of the Humber Pilotage District.

  • To roster pilots so as to ensure an adequate number are always available to meet operational demands.

  • To provide an on-going system of training and ensure that a pilots' local knowledge and competence continually meet National Occupational Standards.

  • To ensure that all current legislation relating to pilotage is complied with.

  • To investigate any incidents relating to pilotage, draw conclusions and implement any recommended improvements.

  • To liaise with other interested parties, both internal and external, to ensure that best practice is adopted with regard to pilotage operations and safety of navigation.

  • To assess, by interview and examination as appropriate, all candidates for Pilot Exemption Certificates (PEC) and to review all PEC holders annually.