Marinas & Clubs

Grimsby and Cleethorpes Yacht Club

The Grimsby & Cleethorpes Yacht Club (GCYC) is located in the Alexander Dock, and is accessed through the Royal Dock. Close to the centre of Grimsby; there are about 50 permanent yacht berths and no short stay visitor berths. Due to commercial vessels, movements must be pre-booked with the Assistant Dock Master on 01472 263509. Approaching vessels call, ‘Royal Dock’ on Channel 74 (shared with the Grimsby Fish Docks). The lock has a level period approximately 1.5hrs before HW to 15mins before HW and lock times of 3.5hrs before HW and 2.5hrs after HW. Facilities include: electricity, water, toilets, showers, club house, licensed bar etc.


Humber Cruising Association Marina, Grimsby

The HCA marina is situated in the old Fish Dock No1, originally completed in 1856. It has accomodation for 220 boats and hard standing for 30 boats. Diesel with fresh water and electricity points and  a 35 tonne dedicated boat lift is available.
The lock chamber is free flow 2hr either side of high water - call ahead on VHF ch74

Telephone: (01472) 268424

Hull Marina

Hull Marina has accommodation for 310 boats and 20 visitors. Access is gained via a lock at 3 hours either side of High Water. There are pontoons outside the lock in the basin. Diesel, petrol, fresh water and AC electricity points are available. Facilities include a chandlery, marine-engine repairs, electrical repairs, shipwright, sailmaker, a laundrette, a 50-tonne boat hoist and a 2-tonne crane.

Telephone: (01482) 330508
Lock-keeper: (01482) 330505

Goole Boathouse

Goole Boathouse is located in a basin beside the Aire & Calder Canal. The water is kept at a constant level so that boats remain afloat at all times. There are 140 moorings of various lengths giving suitable berths for yachts, motor cruisers and fishing vessels. Electricity, water, calor gas and diesel are available at most berths. Other facilities include a dry dock, slipway and a well-stocked chandlery.

Telephone: (01405) 763985
Facsimile : (01405) 763985
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Goole Viking Marina

Viking Marina has seventy secure jetty berths in a sheltered position at the side of the Aire and Calder canal suitable for all types of vessels, with easy access to the inland waterways, and the tidal rivers of the Ouse, Humber and Trent .

Telephone: (01405) 765737
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Humber Havens
Tetney Haven (Humber Mouth Yacht Club)

A vessel drawing 1.5 metres may safely enter and depart Tetney Haven approximately 2 hours either side of High Water. The seaward end of the entrance channel is about 5 cables upstream of Haile Sand Fort and is marked by a post painted red and black. There are a few moorings available and vessels can be expected to take the ground at about half-tide. The haven is normally protected by high-drying sands so there is little risk of bumping the bottom. Limited facilities are available during the summer-sailing season.

It is a small family club with around 200 members situated on the estuary of the river Humber near Cleethorpes.
They welcome a broad range of boats to the club including WINDSURFERS, DINGHIES, YACHTS, RIBs etc.
In addition to launching and secure storage for dinghies/trailer boats, they have swinging mooring for yachts and powered craft, gantries for lifting larger boats in and out of the water, changing rooms.

Stone Creek

Located on the north side of the river, Stone Creek is opposite the Port of Immingham and is 1.75 miles from the village of Stone Creek. There is a public telephone but no shops. The nearest villages are Patrington and Ottringham, which are some 5.75 miles away. Both villages have shops, public houses and are on the main bus route into Hull. The creek and its moorings are usable 2.5 hours either side of High Water at MHWS, 4 metres can be found throughout the channel. However, as the channel is very narrow and twisting at the entrance, it would be prudent to work on 2.5 metres. All types of boats are welcome and the club at Stone Creek has a friendly atmosphere.

Contacts: -

Harbour Master - John Gibbons - 07486 424504
Chairman - Trevor Doyle - 01964 631814


The haven at Barrow is situated on the south side of the Humber, accommodates coastal shipping and is rather remote from any shopping facilities, but will provide refuge in an emergency.

Hessle Haven

Located on the north side of the river, Hessle Haven is within easy walking distance of the village square, which has a large, well-appointed shopping centre and a number of public houses. The railway station close to the haven has main line trains to Hull and to other parts of the country.

South Ferriby Marina

South Ferriby Sluice lies on the south side of the river, approximately 28 miles from Spurn Point. The small village of South Ferriby is situated 1 mile away. Situated at the entrance to the non-tidal River Ancholme the existing marina has been established since 1966 . It is a  family run business providing a range of services including boat moorings, boat storage ashore, boat sales, boat yard services and chandlery sales.
The marina has accommodation for 100 boats plus 20 visiting vessels. Access for boats to the marina is by way of South Ferriby Lock and it is normally possible to use the lock 3 hours either side of high water. High water at South Ferriby is 20 minutes later than high water at Hull.
Close to the lock entrance is a public house. A passage can be made to the market town of Brigg, a distance of 14 miles, for vessels with a small air draught.

Telephone: (01652) 635620

Brough (Humber Yawl Club)

Located on the north bank of the river, approximately 30 miles from Spurn Point and adjacent to the village of Brough, Humber Yawl Club is well supplied with major shops, in addition to two public houses. A slipway and small-mast crane are available and fresh water can be obtained. The yacht haven is a 5-minute walk from the main railway station where trains to Hull and other parts of the country make regular scheduled stops. During the sailing season, there are generally 1 or 2 berths available for visiting yachts.

Telephone: (01482) 667224

Winteringham (Humber Yawl Club)

The small village of Winteringham, on the south side of the river, has a shop, a post office and two public houses. The entrance to the haven is very obscure as there are no obvious coastal indentations to mark it.