General Information


UK-based craft
Voyages totally within the EU - Since 1st January 1993, there has been no requirement to advise H M Customs of departure from the UK to an EU destination unless asked; and no need to report to Customs on arrival, unless carrying non-EU persons or prohibited goods or animals.

Voyages outside the EU - Departure must be reported to Customs using Form C.1331 which may posted in a Customs box or delivered by hand to a Customs Officer or Customs office. It is an offence to fail to report. Part of the form is for the return journey.

Form C.1329 must be completed and handed to the Customs Officer when he boards. Part of the form is for delivery to Customs before departure and any non-EU nationals must be included on it.

Vessels arriving directly from an EU port - They do not need to complete form C.1332 but must report:

  • prohibited or restricted goods;

  • duty-free stores;

  • any tax owing on the boat;

  • any persons requiring Immigration clearance to land.

If the yacht has not borne VAT, then the person responsible must report by telephone or in person to the designated office, advising of their return and the goods or persons in question.

Port Health

The Humber ports do not have any problems with infectious diseases. The intention is to ensure this situation is maintained, therefore, any craft coming from foreign ports, including those from the European Union is required to comply with relevant UK laws.

Any vessel bound for Hull, Goole, Saltend or any destination west of the Humber International Terminal coming from a foreign country or oil rig (or other UK port) which has had a death or infectious illness on board, or which is carrying animals or birds, is obliged by law to report these facts not more than 12 hours and, where practicable, not less than 4 hours before docking, to the Hull and Goole Port Health Authority, by one of the following means:

(a) Through VTS Humber on:
VHF Channel: 12,14, 15 and 16
Tel: (01482) 212191

(b) 24 Hour Telephone: (01482) 324776 (choose option 3 for urgent messages)

A Maritime Declaration of Health (downloadable from Hull & Goole Port Health Authority website) must also be completed by the Master.

No one must board or leave the vessel until health clearance (free pratique) has been granted by the Port Health Authority.

All animals being brought in from abroad or from foreign oil rigs or ships must be kept in a locked compartment and should be restrained.

In order to keep the Humber Estuary clean, it is illegal to tip rubbish overboard while on the Humber, Ouse or Trent, or while in a marina or at a mooring. Refuse-reception facilities are available at all moorings. International Catering Waste is legally controlled and must be disposed of properly.

Please do not use sea toilets while moored in a marina. While it is not illegal to use them while on the Humber, it is preferable for craft to be fitted with sewage tanks.

The port health authority will be pleased to advise small craft on water supplies.

Ships arriving from foreign ports must carry a valid ship sanitation certificate, issued by a competent authority recognised by the World Health Organization. Please contact Hull & Goole Port Health Authority to arrange this where necessary.

You must report the presence of rodents or insect pests to the Port Health Authority.

It is forbidden to bring certain foodstuffs into the UK from outside the European Union and other countries without permission. Further information is available on the Hull & Goole Port Health Authority website.

Hull and Goole Port Health Authority
257 Hessle Road
Hull, HU3 4BE


Tel: (01482) 324776


UK Border Agency controls are applied to persons on yachts and small pleasure craft, other than UK citizens and nationals of the EU who arrive at UK anchorages from outside the Common Travel Area (i.e., from ports not in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or the Republic of Ireland).

Passengers who are not UK or EU nationals arriving from outside EU ports require permission to enter the UK from a Border Control Officer or Officer of HM Revenue & Customs acting on behalf of the Home Office. All nationals in this category are required to have valid passports and some will require visas for entry to the UK.

Visas are obtainable from British Embassies or Consulates abroad and must be in the passport holder's possession before travel to the UK. Persons who propose to arrive in the UK on yachts and are in doubt concerning visa requirements are advised to contact the nearest British Embassy before travelling.

On arrival, those nationals noted above as requiring to enter the UK will need to obtain this permission, normally in the form of a small stamped form (IS 18) which they must retain while in the country. HM Revenue & Customs can also assist in obtaining this permission; however, persons arriving in the UK on yachts and small craft who are paid members of a crew are normally exempt from visa requirements and are entitled to shore-leave unless refused permission to do so by a Border Agency or HM Revenue & Customs Officer acting on behalf of the Home Office.

Local arrangements exist for HM Revenue & Customs Officers to deputise for UK Border Agency Officers and exercise control over persons subject to Immigration control. Further information may be obtained by telephoning the numbers listed in this guide for HM Revenue & Customs or from the UK Border Agency at the address and telephone numbers shown below.

  • UK Border Agency,
    Unit 1, Estuary Business Park,
    Priory Park East,
    HU4 7DY

    Tel: (01482) 785888
    Fax: 01482 785956

  • UK Border Agency,
    Humberside International Airport,
    DN39 6YH

    Tel: (01652) 688584
    Fax: (01652) 688551

Safety Procedures in The Port of Goole for Leisure Craft

Following an incident at the Port of Goole, please find attached a document giving specific guidance to leisure craft intending on penning into or out of the Port of Goole.

Information for Leisure Craft

Please note, that the Port of Goole  require that you give as much notice of arrival as possible by calling the Duty Assistant Dock Master (ADM) at Ocean lock on Tele: 01405 721128.

On contact with the Duty ADM please give the following information:

  • Vessel details;
  • Point of last departure;
  • An approximate arrival/departure time;
  • How many persons on board.