Port Marine Safety Code

The Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) code was developed by the Department for Transport in consultation with harbours after the 'Sea Empress' stranding. It requires harbour authorities to develop a risk assessment based on safety management systems for the safe operation of their harbours.

A supplement to the PMSC is the Port Marine Operations Guide to Good Practice. This lays out best practice which should be adopted by a harbour authority and covers every aspect of a harbour operation. HES is committed to complying with its recommendations.

ABP contracted an independent risk assessment to review all aspects of navigational safety on the Humber. The subsequent safety management system is based on this independent assessment. ABP is also committed to ensuring that all 21 ports are compliant with the Port Marine Safety Code, and are subsequently audited (both internal and external) on a regular, planned basis.

The Port Marine Safety Code - Statement of Compliance 2018 issued by the CEO, James Cooper to the MCA can be found here.