Health and Safety

HES abides by the corporate ABP Health & Safety policies detailed in the ABP "Corporate Social Responsibility Report".

We take our corporate social responsibilities seriously. It is part of our overall commitment to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. As such, we strive to conduct our business with integrity and respect for others, as well as ensuring that we comply with the law. In operating our business, we endeavour to meet the demands of trade, while having due regard for the following objectives which represent our core principles:

  • Communicate openly with stakeholders

  • Establish long-term relationships with stakeholders based on mutual trust

  • Provide equal employment opportunities

  • Respect the environment and the communities in which we operate

  • Prohibit bribes and substantial favours in business dealings

  • Safeguard the health and safety of employees and others who are involved in our operations

  • Develop our business in a way that encompasses sustainable development