How to Become a PEC Holder

To be eligible for a PEC, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Only a bonafide Master or First mate of a vessel may apply for and hold a Humber Pilotage Exemption Certificate.

  2. Applicants must have a good understanding of the English language.

  3. Apply to ABP for a Pilotage Exemption Certificate starter pack. This contains the application forms, guidance notes, notice to mariners, Humber byelaws Humber Bye Laws, "Tripping" form and Humber Passage Plans.

  4. Visit the VTS tower at Spurn Point where you will be issued your "Tripping Number", become acquainted with the radio procedures, radar operations and gain an overview of safety on the river.

  5. Complete the requisite 9 trips in and 9 trips out of the specified dock or port, accompanying of either an Exemption Certificate holder or an authorised Pilot.

  6. Two trips on tugs accompanying a vessel must be completed; namely one trip in and one trip out.

  7. It is advisable that applicants attend Port House for a "Pre PEC chat" prior to examination where required standards will be discussed.

  8. Apply for examination by submitting the application form with the appropriate fee.

  9. Attend examination with proof of medical fitness, BRM certificate, evidence of tug trips, evidence of completed trips in and out and evidence of Certificate of Competency and a signed declaration.

  10. On successful completion of the examination, an assessment trip will be required where the applicant will be accompanied and assessed by a suitably authorised Pilot.