Operational Contacts

Harbour Masters Department

For general enquiries not covered below including the issuing of Notices to Mariners.

Contact: hesharbourmaster@abports.co.uk

To register to receive Notices to Mariners

Pilotage Department

All pilotage enquiries including vacancies and enquiries relating to Pilot Exemption Certificates.
Orders for pilots are not accepted by e-mail.

Contact: hespilotage@abports.co.uk

Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

For operational enquiries including Serious Marine Incidents, use of Traffic Separation Scheme, Reporting to VTS
Defective Navigation Lights and Marks out of Position, Bunkering, VHF frequencies and Anchorages.

Contact: hesvts@abports.co.uk

Hydrographic Department

For Chart enquiries, Surveying the estuary, Tidal enquiries, Buoyage.

Contact: heshydrography@abports.co.uk